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The Masters' Table

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

The Masters' Table

Have you ever had a homemade cake? Do you remember how moist and sweet and every component of it factored just right. There it sits on the counter day after day and slice after slice it gets smaller and smaller. Today is no different than any other, you yearn for a piece of cake and you head to the kitchen as you turn the corner you notice someone has eaten the last slice you look a little closer and discover that as a result of cutting the cake slice after

slice crumbs had fallen from the cake onto the plate. Instantly

Instantly you take your finger and gather as many crumbs as you can, thinking if I gather enough crumbs, they might equate to the taste of a whole slice. the crumbs represented anything less than God's best for your life. The whole cake represented our deepest hearts desire that thing that we've been praying for asking God for it could be a new house, husband, job, ministry or just a deeper walk with God.


The Syrophenician Woman

The syrophenician Woman periscope is found in Mark 7:25-30 and parallel in Matthew 15:21-28 which is where we will explore the text. taken from the 27th verse And she said" Truth Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which falls from their Masters' Table

How many times have we wanted something so bad but for some reason or another we were denied and did not persevere until we attained it. That job that you wanted, but didn't have enough credential, or the house you applied for but your credit score wasn't high enough. What has hindered you from reaching your greatest potential in life. Here we have a woman like many of us that has had obstacles in front of her but was determine to sit at the Masters' Table.

The woman had nothing going for herself for one she was a woman, secondly she was of the wrong nationality, third she had a daughter with an issue, sounds familiar. There are times when what you are and where you come from and whats attached to your life tends to restrict you from attaining the promise that you desire to possess. Even though she knew she had many opposition facing her she recognized that the one that could help her was standing right within her reach. And she not willing to let the opportunity pass her by, How many times have we let opportunity passed us by. Many of times the very person that could help us is standing right in front of us, but because of pride and unforgiveness we let the help we so desperately need pass us by. and as a result we remain in the same conditon or state before the help arrived. Jesus heard her but didn't answer, if Jesus doesn't answer you will you stop calling on him? Jesus disciples told him to send her away she's worrying us! Regardless of what people say about you, you have to continue to press pass the rejection to reach Jesus. He finally answered her, but what comes out of his mouth next was in my opinion offensive. I wasn't sent to you, but for my people that are lost. Wow really Jesus!

Would you have given up? This woman didn't, Desire dreams about destiny and it was right before her eyes, and just like her even though he didn't come for you, you too can still sit at the Master's Table. How far are you willing to go and what are you willing to take, to receive what you need from the Lord. In spite of what Jesus said with no hope she pressed in even harder. she came and knelt ( worshiped) him saying" Lord, I need your help." i want to encourage you that You're one cry away from help, all God is waiting for you to do is to press past your past the hurt, shame, guilt and every insecurity and come kneel down as a sign of submission and cry out Lord Help Me. He Loves a MERCY cry. He answered her now " its not right for me to take food out of my children mouth and give it to the dogs. Really Jesus!

How would you have reacted if you were called a dog, some may say its an insult or was it? Jesus here was referring to the Israelite as ( the children) and we yes, we were considered dog. Why! Because we weren't considered a pure people( any race that was other than the Jewish nation) and salvation had not yet been given to us. Sometimes we're faced with what we really are, you may look in the mirror and see a disappointment low life, like this woman she was considered a dog, but will we let what we have been labeled with ( unplanned pregnancy, single parenthood, divorce, poverty, nothing, a nobody) dictate our persona. it doesn't matter what you are called, but what you answer to, i live by this motto. you're not what the enemy called you.

Your reply to what God has said to you will determine whether you will be granted access to sit at the Masters Table.


She Replied " That is true what you said about me Lord but even the dogs sit under their Masters Table and eat the crumbs that fall from it. sometime we have to face reality in order to get relief. Even though she knew she didn't deserve to partake of the blessing of God because of her present situation, and if we are honest, some of our present situation doesn't qualify us for the blessing that God has already given us. But, because she was willing to settle for the crumbs, in her eyes Gods crumbs was enough to equate for the food that was prepared on the table. She settled for the crumbs which was more than she possessed now, Jesus saw her faith that she was willing to settle for crumbs, and instead of giving her crumbs, she was able to eat at the MASTERS TABLE and enjoy the children bread. which was deliverance, today you to can enjoy deliverance. Today I encourage you to in spite of what you are, where you come from and what the present situation is that has brought you into the presence of Jesus, and accept him as your personal savior as only he can take you from crumbs that fall from the table to a seat prepared for you at the table. Remember to expect from God, your desire has to line up with his words and his precepts. We to must be as this woman was if we are to be partakers of The Masters Tables. First realize that we are in need of his help, secondly acknowledge that God was and is the only one that could help you and your situation, and lastly cry out to God for mercy it always stops him in his tracks. Why don't you accept the invitation and not waste anymore of your precious time on mere CRUMBS , but take your rightful place at THE MASTERS TABLE.

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